Our Story


DHARTI (Pronounced as dh-Ah-R-tee) means EARTH in Hindi. We believe we are all inter connected through the Earth, from the Earth and on Earth.🌍

DHARTI The Store is a curated concept store started in summer of 2020 by Dheera – an Indian female founder who needed a sense of home away from home while living in London, UK and a strong need for grounding during a pandemic. The need for using sustainable products from her country became urgent since traveling was restricted and since she couldn’t find what she was looking for; she established Dharti The Store starting with off cuts to create facemasks. 

Since then, Reconnecting with our Roots became our tagline and our ethos.
The store houses beautiful pieces handmade with love, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans from different parts in India. Each piece has been carefully handpicked by her and is unique so no two designs are identical. With hand block prints in natural dyes on 100% cotton fabrics to oxidized silver metal Jewellery, our products are an extension of our brand values and heritage.